What's Inside

Here's a peak at the material you will cover in How The Voice Works

The course is jam-packed with information accompanied by a 100-page workbook full of images, additional information, and resources including an entire section on how to read music. Let's take a look at each module and what you will learn. 

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Module 1 - Welcome

We begin with an overview of the course, how to use the materials, and how to pace yourself.

Module 2 - How the Voice Works

In this module we explore the four parts of every instrument and then talk about what those parts are in the voice. 

Module 3 - Posture

In module 3 you will learn about posture, different approaches to improving alignment, and how changes to your posture affect your vocal quality. 

Module 4 - Respiration

In module 4 you will learn about the larynx. We are going to focus on the big picture, introducing you to the terms you are most likely to hear in conversations with others singers, teachers, or coaches. 

Module 5 - Larynx

In module 5, we dive into the action of the vocal folds. We examine the muscles that enable you to change pitch and regulate breath flow. You will learn about terms like chest, head, and mix. We will also discuss what the vocal folds are doing to produce each quality. 

Module 6 - Vocal Tract

After vibrations leave the vocal folds, they travel through the vocal tract where the sound is transformed into vowels and consonants. In module 6, we dive into each of these parts, how the move, and how they alter vocal quality.

Module 7 - Microphones

In module 7 we discuss microphones and other sound enhancement techniques that alter our perception of the voice. 

Module 8 - Warming Up

In module 8, I take you through an evidence-based vocal warm-up developed by voice scientist Dr. Ingo Titze. Its a simple but highly effective routine designed to stretch and coordinate your system for any type of singing. 

Module 9 - Motor Learning and Exercise Physiology

In module 9, you will learn about concepts from exercise physiology and motor learning research that can be applied to vocal training to safely accelerate your progress. 

Module 10 - Final Thoughts

In module 10 we wrap-up the course and talk about what comes next. 

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BONUS: How to find a voice teacher

If you do not already have a teacher, you may be wondering how to find one. In this bonus section, we discuss how to find the right teacher for you. If you want additional help, you can enter your information in the Teacher Matching portal and we will help you find the right person to help you reach your goals. 

Find a Teacher

BONUS: MRI and Stroboscopy Videos

The whole goal of this course is to give you x-ray vision, the ability to visualize what is happening inside your body so you can coordinate its actions to reach peak performance. These videos give you 30 minutes of material to study. You'll be able to see the action, hear the result, and then explore in your own voice. 

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BONUS: Full-Color Workbook!

Included in the course is a 100 page, full-color workbook full of additional information, room to make notes, medical-grade illustrations, and much more!

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BONUS: Guided Listening

The Guided Listening lessons give you commentary on vocal function to help connect theory and practice.

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BONUS: Vocal Exercises

The Exercise Pack comes with over 30 patterns and 150 variations to help you apply the course material to your own voice. 

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BONUS: Pro Vocal Assessment

In this special bonus, you will answer a series of questions after examining images, reading descriptions, and listening to examples. You will then receive a customized report with information about your voice that will help you get the most out of this course. 

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