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Kelsee Sweigard (National Tours of RENT and Kinky Boots)

"Matt Edwards' "How Your Voice Works" online course accomplishes exactly what Matt promises from the start: it breaks down everything imaginable about the singing voice, sharing years of study and application in just a few hours. Each course is jam packed with information, and courses are separated into easy-to-digest video lessons that are perfect for the the modern day attention span. This program is the one-stop shop for singers, voice teachers, and voice students everywhere - it allows the approach from many different techniques/styles to flourish under the science of vocal pedagogy, while implementing a better understanding of a singer's head-to-toe biology. "How Your Voice Works" is valuable for singers of all ages and gender identities, and gives a fresh, all-inclusive approach to understanding the voice no matter who you are, or where you are in your singing journey."


Kelsee Sweigard

"Saving All My Love for You"

Clear and Rich in Science & Truth

“Matt’s approach supports singers and their teachers by dispelling myths and providing practical exercises and explanations of complex ideas. He encourages singers to develop their knowledge of their instrument, play by making various sounds, and embrace the process of growing their skills. The videos are clear and rich in science & truth. As an instructor at Arizona Christian University & owner of a private studio, I will recommend this platform because I know it will be immensely valuable to any singer/teacher in and outside of the voice studio.”

Hunter Womble, Arizona Christian University and Private Voice Teacher


“Matt Edwards has a true gift for making his workshops fun and hands-on, yet educational. He has an innovative approach that young singers not only respond to, but show dramatic improvements. Whether describing vocal technique, mic technique - or using props to correct bad habits - he encourages everyone to participate and find their inner rock voice! Matt is incredibly knowledgeable in the field of contemporary singing styles and is certainly paving the way for contemporary music theatre in this country.”

Emily Herring


Staff Sergeant Megan Pomales

Current student Megan Pomales is a lead singer with the Army Field Band's Six String Soldiers

"Matt is among the most notable contributors to the development of a systematic, scientifically based model for teaching CCM singingā€”an essential component of most contemporary musical theatre. His firm foundation in classical and musical theatre singing combined with his mastery of vocal technique for contemporary styles makes him the perfect specialist not only for teaching singers, but for teaching voice teachers how to teach in this style."

Leda Scearce, M.M., CCC-SLP
Director of Performing Voice Programs and Development, Duke Voice Center

Stephen Crisp

Former student now working professionally as a singer and teacher performing "The Village" with the Gay Men's Chorus of Washington, DC

"The impulse to keep to yourself what you have learned is not only shameful, it is destructive. Anything you do not give freely and abundantly becomes lost to you. You open your safe and you find ashes."

~ Annie Dillard

I am a firm believer in sharing with other singers. There should be no secrets, secrets only promote division. Artists exist to bring people together, not drive them apart. I share freely with others because we are stronger together. Artists must support each other and adopt an abundance mindset. There is plenty of room at the top, so let's all rise together! ~ Matt

Nigel Huckle

Former student and member of Australia's Ten Tenors

"Matt is a true visionary for 21st Century Vocal Pedagogy. As the Artistic Director of the New CCM Vocal Pedagogy Institute, he has revolutionized a new diverse curriculum pulling from seminal, science-based resources providing participants an unbiased, well rounded experiential process that leaves them well equipped to integrate techniques immediately into their own studio and teaching settings. Additionally, as a national presence for contemporary vocal Pedagogy, Matt has been a driving force behind integrating contemporary Pedagogy practices into Collegial pre professional BFA training programs. With his hybrid background as both a classically trainer singer and CCM performer, Matt is a wealth of knowledge of the components that bridge these two pedagogical approaches. As a colleague, he is collaborative and generous. Teachers and academicians like Matt are few and far between. "

Marci Rosenberg, CCC-SLP
Clinical Singing Voice Specialist at The University of Michigan, Vocal Health Center